Blue Patterned Textured Cover Hardback Sketchbook

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Hand bound journals/sketchbooks made by me from old paper stock and covered with old wallpaper rolls. Due to the nature of the paper being old stock, each book is completely individual. There may be small marks or creases on the pages as I have tried to waste as little of the paper stock as possible. All books vary in size and paper type. Ribbons made from recycled plastic.

This one will make a great sketchbook. Can also be used as a journal or notebook!

I've tried to describe as accurately as I can below but please drop me a message if you have any questions!

- Roughly 11.8 x 20.4 cm (1.9cm thick)
- Roughly 66 pages
- Mixture of various types of paper, mostly thick with some textured. Variety of white and cream.
- Pink page marker ribbon
- Silver endpaper
- Textured Wallpaper Cover
- Due to various paper scraps being used for this one there are some marks and creases
- Edge cut slightly wonky

em's illo

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